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~We have a few puppies available and have one special breeding in the oven..... fingers crossed we could be expecting blue and tans and blue sables!  Very excited, stay tuned~

~Rosie ay/at dd bred to Ringo ay/at Dd Bb and I could not be more excited.  Rosie is an amazing girl bred for quality, proper structure/confirmation, color and most of all amazing health and temperment.  I started these lines with Cleopatra, full daughter of Blue Moon, created JuJu who then produced Rosie and her well known blue and tan brouther Fat Bulldog Productions Chasing Mavericks.  This is Rosies first litter and we are over the moon excited to see what amazing babies these 2 produce.  Special thanks to my co-conspirator Audrey for letting me use her amazing boy Ringo ~

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